SHS Chemistry · 2016-17
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Classroom Expectations & Policies

Essentially you will only need a binder for keeping things organized and readily available when needed. Paper, pencils and pens are also a necessity. Calculators, rulers, protractors, etc., are not required but can be very helpful. Additional class materials may be required from time to time and will be specific to a particular class or activity.

A textbook will be issued for class and used for occasional reading and homework assignments. I will give you all necessary materials for the current chapter and approximate time schedule for covering the material. You will receive hard copies, and electronic copies of everything we do in class will be posted at our wiki: .

Daily and weekly homework assignments and projects will be given, and selected problems will be graded. It is my philosophy to give you as much classroom time as possible so that you can finish most assignments in class. Various lab activities will also be incorporated into all classes.

Tests and quizzes will be given for every unit in chemistry. Points will often vary and range from 20 – 50 points each. The format will be fill-in, multiple choice, problem, and lab related questions. Partial credit will be given where appropriate. In addition to a test score, units will have a standard (proficiency) assessment. All graded work falls into one of three categories: homework (written work, worksheets, etc), tests (and quizzes), and laboratory (projects). These categories are weighted with 20% of your grade being homework, 60% tests and quizzes, 15% labs, and 5% for projects. Extra credit can be earned at various times and will be explained separately.


Grades will be issued according to the following scale:
89.5 – 100% = A
79.5 – 89.4% = B
69.5 – 79.4% = C
59.5 – 69.4% = D
Less than 59.5% = F

1. Follow directions.
2. Respect your classmates.
3. Use all equipment properly.

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