SMART Notebook Express Use this link to download the software to be able to read the files on this wiki saved in SmartBoard Notebook format.
Chemistry This takes you to the site that accompanies the textbook we use in class. It is for a newer edition, but much of the material
has not changed.
World of Chemistry This is the site where the World of Chemistry (WOC) video series can be seen in individual segments. Go here to watch a video that you may have missed in class. Study questions are under the "Assignments, Worksheets, and Solutions" navigation tab.
Brightstorm Website that has several video tutorials on basic chemistry concepts as explained by chemistry instructors. (NOTE: This site used to be free of charge, but now it has become a paid site.)

Chapter 1
What is Chemistry all about? A website that address an introductory look at what chemistry is, what it does, and how it fits into our everyday world. Take a look!

Chapter 2 - NONE

Chapter 3
SI Units A huge reference site on the SI system of constants, units, and measurement.

Chapter 4
Conversion Tables A massive listing of as many conversion factors as you could possibly use. Includes some strange ones that are kind of unusual!
Conversion Tutorial A Shockwave that gives you the opportunity to practice your skills at writing and solving various conversion problems.

Chapter 5
Chemical Elements An interactive periodic table that can be used for many different things. Find out info about a particular element, look for names and families, see trends. Very useful in completing your "Element Poster" project.
Atomic Timeline A timeline from Democritus to the present if the development of atomic theory.

Chapter 6
Writing Chemical Formulas A detailed set of steps and methods on writing a formula from a compound name.

Chapter 7
Mole Calc Tutorial This is a good explanation of how to do various mole problems with a slightly different method than the one I use.
Mole Tutorial Another one!

Chapter 8
Balancing Equations A wide selection of Shockwave tutorials on a variety of topics, but this one on balancing equations is one of the best.
Identifying Reactions This is a humorous site that uses cartoons to illustrate the types of reactions that you need to learn to identify.

Chapter 9
Stoichiometry This is a ChemCollective site that has a great tutorial on mole ratio and related concepts.

Chapter 10
States of Matter LearnChem site goes into depth on the states of matter and distinguishes all with similarities and differences.

Chapter 11
Thermochemistry LearnChem again with a whole bunch of information regarding heat, energy, and thermochemistry in general.

Chapter 12
Gas Law Simulation A fun way to get a "visual" understanding of the gas laws! Try it out!

Chapter 13
Electron Config This is a site for understanding and practicing writing electron configurations.

Chapter 14
Trends of the Periodic Table Just what its title suggests: a listing and explanation of periodic trends and patterns.

Chapters 15 & 16
Chemical Bonding This website goes over both types of chemical bonding: ionic and covalent. Diagrams and animation help make this a visual description as well as a written. Excellent site!
VSEPR Theory A comprehensive look at VSEPR theory and it's connection to covalent bonding.

Chapter 18
Solution Summary A simple site with summarizing information and example problems regarding solutions, concentrations, and colligative properties.

Chapter 19
Chem Cool A summary review and online interactive quiz related to kinetics and equilibrium.

Chapter 20